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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning No Pressure Roof Algae and Mold Removal in Cape Coral Florida
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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Services in Cape Coral Florida

5 Star Pro Wash LLC Treats Mold and Algae like a Pesticide, Not With High Pressure. What makes our company stand out in Roof Cleaning Service in Cape Coral is we only use manufactuer recommeneded chemicals, equipment, and specifications to properly remove nasty mold from shingle, tile, or metal roofs.

As it rains, the water will continue to feed the mold and spread it farther down your shingles, tiles or metal roof leaving black streaks. Roof mold, also known as Gloeocapsa Magma, is a living, airborne organism that feeds on the limestone filler that manufacturers employ to give shingles strength. If the mold is not eradicated, it won’t just swiftly take over your entire roof and become an unsightly eyesore; it will also age prematurely, damage your roof, and perhaps even cause leaks.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is Perfect for All Types of Roofs

What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

Pressure cleaners and roof cleaners frequently refer to cleaning without using high pressure as “soft washing” when doing so to get rid of mold and algae. exerting this equipment reduces the risk of DAMAGE that pressure washing can result in when exerting too much pressure on delicate surfaces. Roofs and all varieties of siding, including stucco, brick, vinyl, aluminum, and wood, can be safely and effectively cleaned with it.

With low pressure pumps and PSI regulators, more commonly referred to as a commercial pesticide spraying system that produces pressure comparable to your garden hose, we are able to achieve these outcomes. For the best cleaning results and to meet the unique cleaning requirements of each property, we combine the usage of these pumps with custom-mixed proprietary professional cleaning solutions.

Always keep in mind that no pressure equals no damage. With our unique soft wash systems, we are Cape Coral’s top recommendation for Tile Roof Cleaning Cape Coral FL. Our company can effectively and safely remove mold from your metal, tile, or shingle roof while also stopping further mold growth for at least three years.

What is the Difference between Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing?

Traditional pressure cleaning businesses use gas-powered high-pressure equipment with water pressure ratings ranging from 2800 to 4000 PSI. In order to remove mold using this method, you must also walk all over your roof. However, notice what else they have blasted off in addition to the mold: the protective layer on your tile shingles and the granules on your asphalt shingles!

By Soft Washing the roof only the surface layer of the mold that is developing on your roof will be removed, by pressure washing it instead, the pressure will force the mold spores deeper into the pores of your roof, where they are feeding on the growth. As a result, the mold will return sooner and take over your roof once more. An asphalt shingle roof will have ALL of its granules destroyed by a power washer, while a tile roof will have what is known as “Zebra Stripes” in the roof cleaning industry.

An accident is just waiting to happen when pressure washing a metal roof! Pressure cleaning a metal roof while attempting to walk on it will quickly cause the surface to slip and slide, which is VERY DANGEROUS. If a professional roof cleaning system is available, all metal roof cleaning tasks should soft washed and carried out from the security of ladders or the ground.

Every homeowner, property manager, or homeowner association in Cape Coral, Florida with a tile roof is aware of the risks associated with climbing on it since, after so many years of pressure cleaning, the protective coating has entirely worn away, resulting in color loss and fractured tiles. reducing the lifespan of your roof by years! These other businesses also claim that there is no way to stop future mold growth and that you must power wash your home every one to two years or pay an extra $300 to $500 for a two year warranty, but they are false!

Your roof shouldn’t need to be replaced because a roof cleaning company was incompetent or inexperienced. Your roof cleaning will last 4-5 times longer than a pressure washer if it is done according to manufacturer specifications utilizing a soft wash system and specialized cleaning products.

In order to completely clean and protect your shingles, 5 Star Pro Wash LLC  gently and safely cleans roofs with authorized mold removers and mildewcide. With no loud, cumbersome machine, our unique Soft Wash system uses a commercial electric pesticide spraying system that can produce pressure equivalent to a garden hose at a maximum of 70 PSI. Give us a call if you would like to book for Tile Roof Cleaning Cape Coral FL


The only technique advised by roofing manufacturers to safely clean and eliminate 100% of the mold feeding on your roof shingles is soft washing. In order to kill 100% of the mold and produce a roof that will remain clean for 4-5 years, soft washing uses a proprietary blend of cleaning chemicals to suffocate the mold spores and pull them out of the pores. The cleaner begins by attacking deeply within the pores, suffocating all bacteria and suspending all dirt and mold molecules.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) advises using the same method of roof cleaning that we do every day. This also implies that our repair won’t affect the guarantee on your roof. Additional benefits include:

  • Poses ZERO Risk of Shingle Damage or Excessive Shingle Granule Loss
  • Superior, Longer-Lasting Results
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal
  • Increased Property Value
  • Protects Homeowner’s Insurance Policy from Cancellation

We clean your roof with a solution that is specifically formulated to kill algae, mold, and mildew while being kind to your shingles. Make sure that whoever cleans your roof uses a No Pressure Soft Wash technique to avoid a dirty roof and expensive roof repairs.

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